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This cute college teen floozy was not only hot and horny, but she was also a smart aleck. I asked her why she wanted to stay online all the time and masturbate in front of different strangers. She simply told me that, because it’s better than masturbating in front of her parents.

Well, she’s got a point there. So I asked again why was there a need for someone to watch her while fingering herself or using the vibrator to fuck her pussy. She just told me if I can ask myself to watch myself masturbate. Two points for the bitch, zero for me.

Then I asked her why not use mirrors. She said that it’s hard to watch someone else when your busy doing something else, like, masturbating. And the thrill of being watched by yourself was not as fulfilling as someone else watching you. And if she did enjoy watching herself masturbate, then I wouldn’t be invited in the first place. Come to think of it, she was right! Three points for the slut, I give up and I shut up. I just kept watching her masturbate, finger fucking her pussy, and use a really long dildo in giving her cunt a nice massage.

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